As a multinational enterprise, one of the world’s largest technology companies relies on a global supply chain to bring innovative products and services to market. Upholding its status as one of the world’s most-respected brands requires each spoke in an expansive vendor network to meet rigorous standards. The leader uses a web-based tool to provide tailored messaging, training and resources to supply-chain personnel, and to ensure each vendor remains in compliance with strict code-of-conduct policies. Meeting the demands of its increasingly complex supply chain compelled the technology leader to modernize this vendor platform, streamlining its communications and enhancing the user interface (UI) to improve suppliers’ experience worldwide.



An audit of the underlying technology revealed opportunities to improve the platform’s scalability and technical excellence alongside the UI and UX enhancements. Wipro designed a next-gen solution based on research into the backgrounds, demographics, needs and preferences of the client’s global vendor network. Working with the technology leader, Wipro also hosted workshops to map users’ requirements with the platform’s business goals.


The upgraded UI of the web-based app was designed to align with the global leader’s brand. It also delivered personalized communications to vendors in a more streamlined and intuitive manner. Meanwhile, new features and functionality improved the platform’s navigational ease and ensured adherence to modern web and security standards.



After deploying the new supply-chain tool, the technology leader noticed increased user engagement and saw results from the improved navigational experience and more-structured presentation of key information. The updated UI enabled users to easily scan, read and comprehend information, reducing the amount of time and effort required for vendor training, and bolstering vendors’ code-of-conduct compliance. This next-gen experience met both the communication needs of global vendors and the business and brand requirements of the technology leader.

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