An integrated real-estate services firm serving property owners, investors and occupiers had grown to become one of the leading commercial firms in America. Managing its broad range of services – management, leasing, valuation, investment, consulting, sales, mortgage, and development – was a complex internal process, but the company’s reliance on manual Excel spreadsheets posed external challenges as well.


As the company’s offerings and clientele expanded, its Australian operations needed a scalable and reliable way to maintain and calculate customers’ tax and depreciation data. The firm could no longer take two weeks to manually generate reports for thousands of assets, particularly as customers demanded faster analyses and an improved experience.



Wipro and the real-estate services leader identified areas where they could deliver an immediate improvement in customer experience (CX). Leveraging JAMstack, Wipro redesigned the user interface of a web application, transforming the current Excel spreadsheet logic into a program logic. The app’s reimagined dashboard included multiple sections such as master data, transactions, calculations, and report output. The app also enabled the users to define the parameters for generating an online report.


These CX priorities were then reconciled with areas important to the business. Wipro deployed a system enabling the real-estate leader’s employees to conduct inspections, verify data, and upload data with calculations done automatically in the backend. Once the calculations’ accuracy is verified, the final report could be created and shared with the client, whose customers used the app to access and download reports on demand.



This engagement delivered tangible business improvements while transforming the CX for its users. The solution reduced by 80% the time required to generate calculations and reports, enabling reports to be generated in one day. It also fostered standardization of depreciation models, provided a single source of truth for asset data, and increased transparency by providing real-time access to reports and analytics via a separate portal. With a file size under 1MB, the app empowered users to load data in less than five seconds, while the intuitive UI for the single sign-on app resulted in an increase in user engagement.

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