A leading Australian telecommunications and technology company built a global presence by offering solutions and expertise across multiple sectors. Their B2B services – mobility, cloud, cybersecurity, IoT, networks, and internet services, among others –were spread across multiple channels, creating siloed processes, inefficiencies, and manual work. As it looked to expand its retail and standalone offerings, the company identified a need for a robust digital infrastructure to ensure a superior customer experience and improve its operational processes. An omnichannel experience could help expand its business, support new product launches, and redefine how customers engaged with the brand, boosting customer satisfaction rates.




Wipro partnered with the telecommunications leader to drive digital transformation across its legacy applications. Wipro identified design and application performance gaps and conceived ways to enable a self-serve experience for end users.  Wipro created a three-phase design process with an integrated web app that centralized customer data, solved onboarding problems across service portals, and created a more efficient query system for service and maintenance.


This solution and its new UI library were designed to provide a robust, consistent user experience across channels. The updated self-service system included an analytics tool to reduce manual account-related efforts, while a unified dashboard enhanced the accessibility of onboarded services. The application also provided complete visibility/transparency into a customer’s purchased service.


Using the latest technologies across multiple modules rather than different stacks, the app provided enhanced reliability and security for end-user data. The scalable, consistent design system  enabled the telecom leader to deploy new services across its portfolio for future developments.


Business Outcomes


The integrated web app and consistent UI behavior made it easier for the telecom leader’s customers to access desired functionality using a single portal. Shortly after its debut, the Wipro-designed system was readily adopted by more than 22,000 B2B customers, boosting customer engagement and satisfaction rates to a greater degree than the expected benchmarks.

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