A top retail and business bank in the United Arab Emirates wanted to elevate its customer experience (CX) as a way to reduce customer attrition. The organization had pioneered the region’s use of web and app-based banking services, but the time had come to modernize those services to deliver an advanced banking experience. This initiative would include improving its mobile and web applications, revitalizing its service delivery operations, and enabling a touchless digital signup process. The bank partnered with Wipro to develop an application strategy and implement new platforms to deliver seamless web and mobile app experiences while minimizing costs.




Wipro and Designit took an experience-focused transformation approach that modernized the bank’s digital landscape to enhance its CX and deliver products and services digitally. Wipro analyzed service paths and user personas to create journey-based digital banking engagements, including a refreshed onboarding experience executed end-to-end across digital channels. The whole customer journey was broken down into smaller and simpler steps, making the process easier and more intuitive for consumers to follow.


The next step was to completely redesign and redevelop the online banking portal and mobile app so they offered a more advanced user interface and user experience. Wipro led a multichannel approach by connecting web applications with the mobile app through a single codebase developed on ReactJS, with the Cordova framework enabling front-end mobile app development without having to develop additional mobile functionalities. With this codebase, the bank could easily maintain and update its web and mobile touchpoints, while customers received a unified login credential for any device, enabling unbroken omnichannel experiences. The web and mobile channels also gained an interactive live-chat feature, allowing the bank to address customer complaints in real time.




Within one month of launch, the mobile app saw more than 200,000 new downloads – approximately two percent of Dubai’s population – from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Within four months, its rating increased from 3.2 to 4.0. The app’s more-fluid and completely digital onboarding process reduced the time to onboard new customers by 93%, going from three or four days to less than 12 hours. With reduced functionality complaints and a digital service delivery mechanism in place, the cost of operations decreased by more than 10%, boosting the company’s profitability.

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