The drive to attract customers through innovation is incredibly strong in the automotive industry. As auto brands looked for new ways to differentiate in a crowded market, the world’s largest tire manufacturer fielded experimental tire orders (ETO) for new tire designs and new specifications. The typical tire consists of more than 20 main components, each produced in different departments at different plants using different processes and materials. Fulfilling requests for bespoke tires requires significant coordination, collaboration, transparency, and system integration.


In response to customer demands to reduce the response time for ETO orders, the tire manufacturer embarked on a journey to modernize its systems and streamline its workflows to accommodate shrinking timelines, smaller lot sizes, and increasingly complex value chains.



Wipro redesigned and standardized the tire manufacturer’s workflow to boost its efficiency and improve visibility throughout the ETO process. Based on Appian, the new workflow supported tracking for even sub-component levels. It also enabled the manufacturer to order components during the early planning stages, then track them from sub-component completion to component completion to order completion.


Effectively managing suppliers and touchpoints required extensive integration. The reimagined system achieved this by incorporating push-based integration with tooling, material, and production-line systems. The solution also created and enabled a centralized dashboard, empowering the manufacturer to drill-down into order-summary and other details while offering a comprehensive status view using Appian responsive UI.



The new system provided a centralized process repository, with end-to-end visibility and reporting, and multiple integrations with central and plants systems. The new workflow’s extendable design also ensured the tire manufacturer could handle future requirements with shorter reaction times. Where the original, manual system required three- to four-week lead times, the new system enabled the manufacturer to respond and ship just one week after specification release. This agility improvement will be critical for the tire manufacturer as the automotive industry continues its drive to innovate and differentiate at the speed of business.

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