A leading American office-supplies retailer used its broad portfolio of products and services to help customers improve their productivity and effectiveness. With products that spanned technology to furniture, and with services that ranged from printing to business solutions, the retailer had a strong consumer offering. As the definition of “consumer” expanded to include work-from-home professionals and small- and medium-sized enterprises, the retailer sought to reinvent customers’ mobile-shopping experience while generating new revenue opportunities.



Wipro worked with the office-supplies retailer to reimagine how customers used the app and to identify ways to gather actionable business insights. Based on user feedback and ratings, Wipro designed a new user interface (UI) that offered a more-modern and robust customer experience (CX). The new app also notified users in real-time about new offers on products and services that may interest them based on their purchase history.


By leveraging React Native technology, the modernized app delivered these UI and CX upgrades with a filesize 50% smaller than the previous iteration. The reduced filesize encouraged more customer downloads, shortened app-loading times, and improved the app’s overall performance.


The new app also incorporated an analytics tool to capture all user interactions, providing data to the retailer about how much time customers spent researching products and services, and which items they added to their cart. In addition, the tool monitored usage patterns to identify opportunities for future app enhancements.



The reimagined app generated new revenue for the office-supplies retailer, with push-notification functionality driving customers to open the app and make more purchases. Meanwhile, the app’s reduced filesize and improved performance contributed to a spike in downloads, going from 200,000 to 500,000 Play Store downloads in 6 months. The app’s average rating also improved, achieving a 4.6 based on more than 3,000 Play Store reviews, and a 4.7 on the App Store based on feedback from more than 6,500 users.

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