A leading logistics service provider wanted to diversify its business in emerging markets. To execute this plan, the global logistics leader needed to establish a presence in the target areas while implementing a robust marketing strategy that would boost its brand awareness and generate leads. By boosting its presence, leads, and conversion rates – and establishing a mechanism to track metrics for each – the company hoped to take share from regional competitors.



Working with the logistics leader, Wipro analyzed the target markets and its marketing opportunities. Developing advanced insights about the potential customer base would be key to effective demand generation. Wipro leveraged its expertise in AI, machine learning, and automation to enrich the company’s data-collection efforts and develop a market-segmentation technique to identify personas that were ready for conversion.


This intelligent marketing strategy, augmented by marketing governance and services, gave birth to a re-imagined emerging markets strategy for the logistics company. The data-driven marketing strategy integrated outbound and inbound campaigns to drive new opportunities, with market analytics and automation driving prospect identification, lead lifecycle management (onboard/nurture), and automated campaign deployment.


Using factory models to expand marketing operations, the solution also enabled personalized content over personal and social channels. Sales teams were empowered to drive business using new marketing content, social media capabilities, and access to new verticals, while optimized attribution models helped the logistics leader measure KPIs.



The technology- and intelligence-driven marketing strategy enabled the logistics company to increase its presence and scale operations in emerging markets, increasing its conversion rates while growing revenue beyond expectations. The reimagined strategy strengthened the company’s data collection and enabled customer-focused campaigns, helping to improve the company’s reputation and visibility in new markets. With new platform in hand, the sales team generated a first-quarter closure rate of 87%, while monthly export shipments increased 8x against a targeted 3x increase. Engagement was key to these results: with a target of 10%, the company’s next campaign achieved a 28% engagement rate.

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