As a pioneer of custom-built computers, one of the world’s leading global technology companies had established an extensive network of supply-chain partners. The leader managed this network using thousands of custom-built applications, many of which were constructed more than a decade earlier. Modernizing key applications would be critical to the company’s agility, as regularly refreshing apps would enable it to respond more quickly to market dynamics. However, the company needed to complete this work and migrate to a cloud environment while maintaining 100% uptime for mission-critical applications.



The technology leader worked with Wipro to prioritize four key applications for modernization. The resulting microservices would not introduce any new features, but rather re-create certain monolith functionality using modern best practices. This would provide a solid foundation for future iterations, while the cloud-based approach would help the company improve its resilience and stability.


While evaluating the existing apps’ functionality, Wipro and the client discovered a lack of documentation or test cases. To keep the project on track, Wipro completed an exhaustive study of the legacy applications to identify how specific inputs were handled, then reviewed all the outputs via system logs. Using this information, Wipro learned how the legacy .NET apps worked and reproduced the functionality following cloud-native 12-factor principles.


With the four monolith applications’ functionality spread across 39 microservices, Wipro helped the client migrate to VMware’s Tanzu Application Service. With each microservice hosted on the Tanzu Application Service, the technology leader could leverage the agility provided by the Tanzu platform to deploy new features and identify and fix bugs with speed and ease. Moving to the cloud also improved the supply-chain system’s scalability, as the container-based environment could ramp up or down seamlessly based on demand.



These 39 microservices are among the first .NET Core instances on the enterprise’s Tanzu Application Platform, and they’ve proven effective. Leveraging microservices has enabled the technology leader to deploy updates within seconds and with zero downtime, compared to a six-month timeframe on the previous monolith. Migrating to Tanzu Application Service has also reduced maintenance costs, made the systems 10x faster to scale, and improved the company’s time to market by 100%.

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