A leading Australian transport and roads agency had long leveraged its IT systems for vehicle registration and management, licensing, CRM functions, enterprise data management, and integration with internal and external systems. When legislators debuted a data-center reform strategy, the agency saw an opportunity to transform its applications via the cloud, becoming the most operationally efficient, customer-centric and valued provider of IT services for the regional government.


This effort would require exiting the agency’s legacy data centers, transitioning to government-approved data centers, and updating its hardware and technology stack to accommodate the transformation. However, if the agency achieved its vision, the initiative would result in faster response times, enhanced application speeds, and a lower total cost of ownership.



Wipro worked with the agency to develop a multiyear app-modernization program that would help it embrace a microservices architecture and build resilient, scalable solutions. A hybrid cloud approach seemed most appropriate, yet a lack of code benchmarking for many legacy applications hindered the agency’s cloud readiness.


The proposed solution incorporated Wipro’s Cloud Studio Platform and CAST Highlight tool. This combination enabled the agency to analyze various accelerators and impediments to its cloud migration while improving its application-delivery speed. The platform was then imbued with auto-provisioning and self-healing abilities, with container orchestration improving the agency’s service reliability by managing dependencies and automatically handling container failures and scaling.



With its technology updated and roadmap in place, the agency is equipped to quickly evaluate the full application landscape and prioritize cloud candidates based on technical and business impact. Leveraging a SaaS model and information about apps’ cloud migration suitability, the agency can then make quick and precise technology updates while continuously optimizing services for the regional government with minimal setup time and cost.

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