A global leader in enterprise IT emerged from significant organizational changes with a mandate to accelerate sales among small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company had served millions of customers with its existing eCommerce marketplace, but executives believed that achieving their ambitious growth targets required both a new eCommerce infrastructure and a reimagined customer experience. If designed, developed and deployed properly, this holistic transformation would enable the IT leader to generate new business while increasing current customers’ lifetime value.



Wipro and Designit worked with the enterprise IT leader to analyze its existing marketplace, to better understand the evolution of its customers’ behaviors, and to review its infrastructure capabilities. This work illuminated opportunities to streamline the shopping experience and cross-sell related products and services that were of value to SMB customers. It also shed light on the importance of improving customers’ visibility into their purchase history, empowering them to more efficiently initiate and complete self-service transactions.


While Designit reimagined the customer experience, Wipro modernized the IT leader’s eCommerce infrastructure and deployed the new marketplace on SAP Commerce. This platform enabled the client to deliver an integrated “browse and buy” customer experience that could also scale to accommodate future growth.



The IT leader saw positive results shortly after debuting its new eCommerce marketplace. The enhanced customer experience compelled users to explore more products and services, increasing their average time on site by 40%. This positive experience also attracted more customers, with the platform generating a three-fold increase in leads and a doubling of average monthly visitors. In addition, the platform helped address executives’ sales objectives, delivering a two-fold increase in the number of monthly fulfilled orders and a doubling of average order value.

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