in24: insure


What it is


With the advent of digital, the auto insurance industry is changing significantly.  Customers can choose from a wide range of providers – from established companies to wholly digital carriers that are radically changing the market. But what drives customer choice and what kinds of solutions can differentiate insurance providers from the pack? At Wipro Digital, we conducted an “In24” workshop to find out.  An In24 workshop combines the problem-solving skills of key players from our technology, strategy and design teams in a rapid-fire 24-hour session to develop new, disruptive digital solutions.


What we did


We started with research.  We learned that today’s customers have varying approaches to selecting carriers, based on their levels of digital agility. Digital natives, for instance, don’t want to use the phone and prefer digital transactions. Other customers want more of a personalized touch, dealing with the same person throughout a relationship with a provider.  Some customers cited “experience” and “longevity” as important qualities, whereas others just wanted convenience.  Customers all have one thing in common, however. When there’s a problem – an accident – they want their insurer available and able to assess and handle the problem quickly and competently.  An auto accident, of course, is a stressful event.  Customers definitely expressed a need for the human touch.


Based on this understanding, Wipro Digital brainstormed ideas that synthesized the expertise of key players from our technology, design and strategy teams.   Working together, we came up with several break-through concepts that fused innovative technologies with great customer service and that extra human touch.  We took our best concepts and mapped them through the entire software lifecycle from inception through to testing to see how they stood up.  Like insurance customers, we expect our solutions to pass muster when the situation gets real! The result was the generation of 10 or 12 significant ideas that we could confidently put into the market place.


Why it matters


Auto insurance companies that want to dominate the market need digital solutions that are innovative, easy for customers to use, and deliver that extra human touch when things get stressful. Our In24 workshop took its cues from customers and generated solutions that can do all that and more. We may not have transformed the entire auto-insurance industry, but in 24 hours we found ways to humanize it just a bit more.


What you’ve read here? Tip of the iceberg. Are you ready to be part of the excitement?