in24: bankside


What it is


Wipro Digital brought our Engineers, User Experience Designers, and banking experts together for a Customer Journey Engineering session on retail banking.


Customer Journey Engineering is a process we’ve developed to understand what customers really want and how we can engineer back-end processes to achieve those aims.


What we did


Our team wanted to understand the experiences of retail banking customers – particularly newer ones – when they perform transactions, open accounts and negotiate banking decisions.


We started with insights captured from customers we met on the streets of London.  In many cases, we found that their observations and concerns strongly echoed the challenges seasoned banking professionals see in the retail banking and digital spaces today.


Working with the customer voice as our driving center, we explored the customer journey from multiple sides of the question and our multiple fields of expertise. Working in these groups, team members have found that they constantly re-think preconceptions and assumptions. The sessions are inspiring, challenging and hugely productive.


Focusing on particular parts of the journey as well as the end-to-end experience in digital and physical worlds, our Customer Journey Engineering session yielded fresh insights, exciting opportunities and ultimately a strong set of marketable digital solutions that help demystify the retail banking experience while helping customers achieve their needs easily and seamlessly.


Why it matters


Digital customers are sophisticated.  They want easy, effective and personalized solutions. Pre-packaged offerings not only do not appeal, they do not set the stage for future digital innovation.


The customer’s voice is key and must direct the conversation. As one team member explained, “When you move the mindset of an organization to the end user customer experience and customer satisfaction, the organization begins to provide a huge amount of learning …which can actually be brought to the market with a more holistically broad set of products.”


What you’ve read here? Tip of the iceberg. Are you ready to be part of the excitement?