Client background

A global information technology (IT) services company, with approximately 300 professionals serving affiliates in North and South America and with extensive experience in all aspects of the automobile industry, including sales and distribution, manufacturing, captive financing, and marketing. 


Business challenges

  • Personalize owner portal to enhance owner experience agnostic of device, delivering a rich and intuitive experience, and incorporate certain functionalities of partner portals to provide unified communication and enriched owner experience. 
  • Support evolving business needs and customer expectations by delivering rich content, intuitive navigation, appealing design, and high performance anytime, anywhere, and on any device.  


Wipro’s solution

  • Successfully created a vehicle owner portal that delivers a rich owner experience, encouraging owners to revisit personalized site often to consume valuable information about vehicle usage, maintenance, driving patterns, rewards, and finance and offering personalized content based on owner profile and available behavior data. 
  • Unified customer experience through a single web application and mobile-first strategy by improving usability and design. Enhanced functional integration to provide a seamless experience across internal and external business functions. 
  • Provided in-context personalization through data-driven intelligence using behavioral, transactional, and profile data and allowed users to customize the experience to their needs and choose what they see. 



  • Created a more responsive and better performing platform that improved user experience at an operational level. 
  • Enabled a seamless integration and interactions platform with enhanced analytics and reporting to support decision-making using business intelligence. 
  • Allowed customers to feel more connected to their vehicles through personalized services and the ability to use the portal just by entering the vehicle identification number.
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