A leading American commercial bank sought to accelerate its digital growth amid an influx of fintech startups hoping to capitalize on this growing market. With more than 3,000 banking offices and 90+ years of experience, the U.S. leader had both the brand equity and expertise to differentiate itself in an increasingly crowded landscape. However, to entice a new generation of banking, investment and payment-services customers, the bank needed to offer a next-generation customer experience. Executives also wanted the digital initiative to improve the bank’s agility, streamline its web-based operations and reduce costs.



Working with the bank’s technology and marketing teams, Wipro designed a next-gen platform that would achieve the bank’s business goals and meet customers’ demands for a digital experience. This analysis also revealed opportunities to modernize the underlying technology to improve the platform’s long-term maintenance and performance.


Wipro designed a website powered by Adobe Experience Manager, enabling the bank to intuitively update and manage all content and multimedia, and eliminate the high licensing costs associated with its previous system. By incorporating Adobe Target, the site also delivered a highly personalized customer experience (CX) for visitors based on historical usage and preferences.



The new website’s modern user interface and ability to deliver personalized content met customers’ engagement expectations and helped drive more traffic than the previous site. Its foundation on Adobe platforms also helped meet the bank’s business objectives, from the streamlining of content-management functions to reduced operating costs. This new platform helped the bank differentiate itself from the competition and generate increased revenue, some specifically tied to this digital initiative.

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