The second-largest publicly funded healthcare system in the UK maintains seven websites across its services. This vast network generated troves of data from disparate suppliers and sources. As citizens increasingly went online for support, the healthcare provider sought to consolidate its information to analyze and report on it more efficiently. Transforming its analytics system could also improve its visibility into KPIs and content success metrics, which would ultimately enable it to market more effectively.




The healthcare system engaged Wipro to develop a solution that would unify its data and provide integrated insights about customer interests and content engagement. In collaboration with the healthcare system’s marketing team, Wipro began by auditing all website analytics to identify opportunities for optimization and growth. To improve the UK leader’s insights, Wipro implemented Google Analytics 4 for better tracking usage and provide comprehensive engagement and marketing data.


Once this infrastructure was in place, the team worked with marketing stakeholders to build unified reports and dashboards that would address reporting requirements, derive more meaningful insights and provide the initial recommendations to optimize customer engagement.


Using its new unified analytics system, the healthcare system could identify gaps in its website structure, design and content strategy. And, with an overhauled website utilizing Universal Analytics and Google Tag Manager, the UK leader would be well positioned to improve engagement, enrich the end-user experience, and gain new data-driven insights.


Business Outcomes


With its data unified, the healthcare provider improved its reporting accuracy and eliminated highly manual data-consolidation and report-building tasks. In addition, the new system enabled the healthcare system to track data across its websites through a consolidated Google Data Studio report. By leveraging this newfound content-performance visibility and acting accordingly, the UK leader has doubled its targeted audience.

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