An Australian energy and gas provider wanted to expand upon its 15-year history of leadership by delivering a superior experience for current and future customers. The company’s vision was two-fold: improve the speed with which it communicated with its 700,000 customers, and boost retention when customers migrated accounts across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. Updating its website content management system (CMS) would be critical to each facet.




The energy and gas leader worked with Wipro to prioritize communication channels, strategies, and objectives. Wipro designed and built a digital-marketing application that enabled the provider to develop and deploy new customer-acquisition campaigns, manage existing customers via targeted promotions, and better manage migrating accounts.

Designed to be scalable, the new cloud-based CMS platform empowered business teams to quickly update and add content, features, and functionality without intervention from the IT team. It also ensured the website’s compliance both with regulatory and brand guidelines by leveraging consistent UX designs and style guides across the web property.




These front-end design features, coupled with back-end elements that monitored site performance to minimize downtime, provided an enhanced customer experience and increased site conversation rates by 3.3%. The platform also accelerated the speed with which the energy and gas leader could publish and update content, compressing a process that once took two weeks down to just 30 minutes. Self-service has also been a key benefit: Customers have been able to make more web-based payments while initiating fewer billing-related customer-service contacts, and the energy leader has seen a 28% reduction in live-chat interactions even amid a 116% increase in help center users and 29% increase in help center page views. In addition, by leveraging open-source architecture and a cloud deployment, the new CMS also enabled the Australian leader to reduce its infrastructure and licensing costs.

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