One of the key responsibilities of a legislative body is improving public safety. Officials have many tools to achieve this, including operating an efficient parole system. The parole board requires accurate and up-to-date information from a wide variety of sources to make informed decisions and communicate them quickly to justice partners. The existing parole process in one country was largely paper-based, was manually transcribed, and could not be scaled. Deploying an electronic case-management system with comprehensive offender profiles would enable the legislature to operate more efficiently, make more-informed parole decisions and improve the safety of local communities.


Wipro partnered with the parole board to help transform its systems and information management. From analysis to design to implementation, Wipro worked with the legislature to install a comprehensive digitized program that ensured board members and staff could leverage the power of their new electronic case system.


An intuitive new “Offender 360” solution provided the legislature with a 360-degree view of the offender’s records, history and case workflow. Using the Pega 7 platform, this new system automatically populated offender information, ensured data correctness using strict business rules, integrated with other systems, and automatically generated reports and legal documents. The Web-based platform also facilitated end-to-end management of the case workflow, including scheduling meetings, reducing the board’s reliance on paper files.


The parole board has leveraged its next-gen platform to render decisions more quickly and based on better information, and has reduced its reliance on manual transcriptions and systems. The new electronic platform has also enabled the board to standardize work practices and securely communicate with justice partners such as police, prisons and community corrections. With its reusable architecture and powerful capabilities, the board has created a platform that other government departments and statutory entities can also deploy to meet their information and process digitization needs.

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