The global document-management and technology industry has undergone drastic changes during the past few years. There are three key dynamics shaping the industry. First, increasing competition dominated by prominent existing players with a large client base and substantial financial resources. Second, customers now expect solutions and services to be delivered through digital channels. This results in a third challenge: a decline in demand for traditional printing services.


Given this scenario, a global document-management company was seeking to unlock value from its data. Its data-monetization process faced a hurdle as their current cloud platform’s native service offerings were not able to scale to meet business user demands to analyze device level data, understand device usage patterns, or mitigate device break down risks.



Wipro, Snowflake, Talend, and Microsoft partnered to adopt a holistic approach to modernize the document-management company’s enterprise data estate. This approach defined a cloud strategy roadmap through Wipro’s design-thinking-led workshops, and a pilot to production approach.


The approach utilized the following logical reference architecture:


Business Impact

The client leveraged this partnership between Wipro, Snowflake, Talend, and Microsoft Azure to create a modern data platform that:

  • Created a single source of data.
  • Unified the data platform for device data self-service analytics needs.
  • Drove higher customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced operational costs, leading to:
    • 30% reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) from the previous data platform.
    • 40% reduction in data development costs.
  • Allowed the client to execute predictive maintenance analytics to ensure customer satisfaction and cross-sell workplace solutions.


The partnership between Wipro, Snowflake, Microsoft, and Talend brings the execution rigor to help build modern data platforms for clients in industries that are hard-pressed for growth. The combination of Wipro’s domain expertise, Snowflake’s data cloud, Talend’s data fabric, and Microsoft as the leading cloud provider allows clients to take advantage of the best of these companies to drive shareholder value.


Snowflake’s industry-leading data cloud delivers performance, scalability, and concurrency, required to allow clients to address the most demanding data related challenges.


Talend Data Fabric offers capabilities needed by modern data-driven organizations in a unified environment, with a native architecture that enables them to adapt to changes faster with embedded data integrity. Talend’s unique differentiators make it possible to deliver both trust and speed without forced compromise.


Wipro’s large scale of execution involves implementing and managing the biggest and most complex cloud data warehouse on Snowflake with 11 petabytes of data, 10,000 tables, 40,000 data pipeline jobs, 3,000 reports, and 5,000 end users.


The manufacturing and high-tech industry has gone through drastic changes over the past few years. The forces that are shaping the industry include intense competition, evolving customer preferences and declining revenue from traditional services and solutions. This solution unlocks insights from existing data sources at scale to drive new revenue sources for manufacturing and high-tech clients.

– Kevin Miller, VP, Snowflake SI Alliances


Join this webinar to learn more on how Wipro embedded intelligence into this modern data cloud solution, leveraging its strategic partnership with Snowflake and Talend.

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