While looking toward future upgrades, one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies wished to streamline maintenance for its 860,000km of fiber and bolster its customer experience to include other business lines (Broadcasting, B2B, Satellite, and Mobile Services). The telecom provider had a reputation for network reliability and exceptional service, which had become differentiators amid increased competition. Launching an integrated field-service operations solution could achieve these goals across its Consumer, Business, Direct, and Enterprise lines of business. However, it would require the company to reduce its reliance on manual processes, improve its scheduling systems, and deploy a connected experience that would boost field technicians’ efficiency and improve customer transparency.



Working with the telecom leader, Wipro integrated its own accelerators with a field-service management solution to optimize and automate scheduling, dispatching, and routing. This paperless system assigned technicians based on skill and proximity, with no downtime required to implement or deploy new changes.


Wipro further identified an opportunity to enhance the field-service operations mobile app, enabling technicians to complete their work even when offline and thus improve their productivity


This new system also empowered customers to gain more visibility and control over service requests. After booking an appointment, customers could check on their status, receive SMS messages with the estimated arrival time and identity of the assigned field-service technician, and even cancel a service call if the issue was self-resolved.



The integrated field-service operations solution delivered the productivity, efficiency, and experiential gains the provider had hoped to achieve. Automated scheduling reduced the telecom leader’s reliance on manual processes, reduced field engineers’ travel and wait times, and enabled technicians to complete 6.1 daily calls rather than 5.3, increasing the company’s total efficiency by 16%.


With an app that functions offline, field-service teams have increased issue-resolution rates during their first visit, improving the customer experience. And, by boosting customers’ visibility into the overall service process, the reimagined solution delivered a 70% monthly reduction in the number of call-center inquiries about service status. This generated substantial operational cost savings on top of the CAN$1.7 million in OPEX savings due to the new platform’s elimination of downtime when implementing or deploying changes. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the accelerated deployment also enabled the telecom leader to mitigate potential impacts of technician availability and limit the number of in-home customer interactions.


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