An integrated real-estate services firm serving property owners, investors, and occupiers sought to create a new revenue stream by expanding from leasing office space to transforming the workplace experience. The American company looked to transform how its clients’ employees experienced their office by providing a digital platform as a service. This innovative approach would empower clients to provide unified access to workplace and common services, and it would improve how employees experienced services available only via external or third-party tools.




Wipro helped the client design and develop an application that provides intuitive, smart, and collaborative workplace-management capabilities, ultimately boosting productivity through the enhanced employee experience. The app connected employees to the workplace environment through technology, amenities, and communities.


Fully customizable to client requirements, the app provided a robust mobile experience while enabling users to navigate the workplace, schedule meetings, reserve rooms and desks, manage space using sensors, control ambience, raise service requests, access buildings, and even order food. Workplace resource efficiency improvement was driven by technologies such as analytics, sensors, and controllers.


Embracing the remote work culture while preparing for the post COVID-19 scenario, the solution also enabled workplaces to operate with limited capacity by offering work-from-home/office options to employees and provide a secure, safe environment post-COVID-19.




Robust analytics features enabled the real-estate leader to make improvements to the app based on actual employee experiences, and to provide recommended content to employees. The platform also helped improve employee productivity, and streamlined office-resource management by leveraging IoT sensors within the premises. The flexible, scalable solution could be seamlessly integrated with any 3rd party external system such as booking, ticketing, visitor, etc.


The app’s ability to deliver an enhanced employee experience was validated by an App Store rating of 4.1, while the digital platform – delivered in an as-a-service model – created a new revenue stream for the real-estate services firm.

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