A British multinational software and IT company wanted to increase its win rates by streamlining the sales process and managing business and client relationships more effectively. With more than 3,500 users in Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ, plus an additional 2,000-plus in Service Cloud, the company saw an opportunity to leverage multiple Salesforce applications to target transactions from issue to resolution (I2R), professional services (PS), lead to opportunity (L2O), and opportunity to quote (O2Q). By converting these transactions into Whatfix workflows, the company hoped to upskill employees on the Salesforce tools and increase their efficiency, thus ensuring sales productivity without delay.




Wipro designed and implemented a digital-learning solution that addressed the requirements of a diverse sales team across geographies. Whatfix became the first point of learning for sales reps, accelerating Salesforce adoption through its interactive on-screen guidance and interactive training during onboarding. The solution also facilitated 24/7 in-app user assistance, enabling users to access on-demand information such as content from the learning management system, vendor application websites, and knowledge-management tools. This self-service functionality reduced customer support queries while improving the overall efficiency and flow of work.


Business Outcomes


Wipro’s Whatfix-based implementation included 68 Whatfix workflows at launch, with more than 4,800 users accessing the self-help guide and 4,000 using the workflows themselves. This solution minimized the IT leader’s dependence on classroom learning sessions and workshops, reducing its sales teams’ job downtime and minimizing logistics overhead. Interactive in-app guidance allowed real-time, on-the-job training, resulting in a reduction in support tickets and increasing productivity by enabling employees to troubleshoot independently.

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