A global leader in enterprise IT utilized an extensive HR CMS portal to serve more than 65,000 users worldwide. Having innovated in the IT sector for more than 30 years, the company embraced the need to balance internal and external functionality with a user experience that echoed the rapid pace of change in the industry. The server and networking leader wanted to reimagine its HR system on the front and back end, while also bolstering security and improving the overall productivity of its global HR team.



Wipro analyzed the underlying technologies of the existing HR CMS and identified several modernization opportunities with the IT leader. Considering the competitive nature of the IT industry, the team prioritized improving the user experience for employees as well as recruits.


Leveraging Drupal’s modular Digital Experience Platform, Wipro transformed the CMS portal with improved navigation and a personalized dashboard based on user profiles, location and search history. Similar enhancements were extended to the HR team by granting a single-view interface that facilitated various HR department tasks and automated workflows for approval, scheduling and publishing of portal content.


The enhanced HR portal offered improved security features as well, with the latest SSL certificates, the implementation of SSO using OAuth2.0, and centralized and role-based access controls for all employees.



The enhanced CMS, built with future-ready technologies and UX enhancements, has become a centralized hub that empowers the IT leader to complete HR activities with greater efficiency and security. Adding new HR functionality is now quick and seamless – with minimal downtime – and the implementation of intuitive dashboards has improved the user experience for internal and external stakeholders alike. The system’s improved scalability and performance has also had a positive impact on HR productivity, enabling the team to generate customized reports based on integrated analytics and help drive strategic conversations about HR management and portal effectiveness.

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