A leading consumer bank serving more than 110 million clients had built a strong global business safeguarding assets, lending money, making payments, and offering wealth-management services. The infrastructure required to manage this diverse business was spread across two different systems. Consolidating these functions on a single, unified application would allow the global financial-services leader to seamlessly align, integrate, and migrate user data, dramatically improving its internal user experience. A singular platform would also efficiently generate new reports for regulatory and management purposes, with a customized dashboard and other features enabling the company to facilitate a complete reporting workflow across geographies.



Wipro designed and built a cloud-native microservice platform for reporting, and migrated two AngularJS applications to an integrated web application built on Angular 8.0. This app provided a seamless user experience for the entire workflow and leveraged a single-page, responsive user interface that adhered to the design principles and was compatible across devices.


Reusable components empowered the financial-services leader to leverage assets across the entire app with the same functionality. Additional features further enhanced the bank’s internal user experience: seamless and smart search-based access to regulatory, risk, and finance dashboards; custom report creation; the ability for users to collaborate on report content; improved control over rule writing; and the ability to configure and manage multiple users.

Business Outcomes


The unified platform delivered the intended dashboard and reporting functionality, with new underlying technology designed to counter the impact of the end of support of Angular JS in December 2021.The app’s responsive AI and integrated nature improved the internal experience of bank users, while customers’ experience was also improved due to more-accessible information reducing the bank’s response times. Built on the latest Angular technology, and with auto-scaling functionality enabled, the application will support the bank’s continued growth across geographies regardless of browser updates.


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