An American multinational chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves implemented an out-of-box (OOB) space planning and management solution for its corporate offices in 2013. The application was not fully compatible with business processes, resulting in inefficient data collection and inconsistent work and equipment tracking, preventing adequate and accurate reporting of completion rates, SLAs, cost of labor and equipment, asset history, and depreciation value.


In addition, the client’s legacy IBM TRIRIGA system needed to align with new FASB and IASB lease accounting standards, effective Q1FY20. To achieve this, they needed to upgrade the existing IBM systems to the latest version.


The client required a new team to enable an automated integration process for sending requests for creating and updating construction projects. The legacy system required business users to log in to the application for creating and updating projects manually. Users had to complete different forms with mandatory fields that consumed more time and effort.




The Wipro team partnered with the client’s in-house engineering team to upgrade to the latest version of the IBM TRIRIGA Application platform to comply with the new IFRS /FASB Standards, including data migration of 1000+ leases, dashboards, lease payment overviews, and detailed project reporting and combining consistent data from 10 integrations, making TRIRIGA the single platform for retail and corporate leases.


Wipro’s TRIRIGA team also implemented automated calculations for Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) by market, legal entity and store while using existing TRIRIGA OOB functionalities. The ARO project automated a previously manually intensive process, minimizing the financial risks inherent with manual tools and processes.


In addition, Wipro improved the client’s existing capital project management and procurement cost management processes by implementing a unified, integrated solution to automate project creation and modification processes in TRIRIGA,  streamlining and managing  the capital project and reducing the time to  create and modify capital project components, including project budget and task scheduling.


Wipro‘s TRIRIGA team leveraged latest OSLC’s OOB integration methodology to interface with the external systems. With the help of the standard JSON file format, TRIRIGA’s system consumed the capital project-related data and provided an acknowledgement and data updates to external systems.




The Wipro TRIRIGA team helped streamlined business processes such as capital project and procurement management, reducing the total cost of capital projects and reducing procurement leakages. The integrated solution reduced the workload of business users by 60 -70%, freeing up their capacity to focus on new solutions and other priority tasks. This real-time modernized, automated system improved lead for availability of the capital projects in the system, resulting in improved time-to-market. The global coffeehouse chain enhanced its agility that enhanced profitability owing to availability and completion of projects on time. The automated process also improved accuracy by minimizing manual errors in capital project data.

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