A banking and insurance leader was separating from its parent company in Australia and New Zealand and wanted to build a unique online brand presence. The new websites needed to provide a superior user experience (UX) for the financial leader’s large customer base, yet also meet the content-management needs of its regional employees. Security on the new site would be critical, and the company sought to efficiently migrate its existing content to a managed cloud platform to promote future scalability and growth.




The existing content-management system (CMS) was more complex than the new websites demanded, and it had high licensing costs. Wipro worked with the financial-services leader to identify Drupal, an open-source CMS, to build the websites without licensing cost, and selected Acquia as the webhost. Hosting the sites on Acquia’s cloud solution provided a secure environment with an array of access and authentication controls, as well as different firewall controls, to ensure the security of the public-facing websites.


Wipro leveraged the general UX design of the parent company’s website while creating unique elements for the new web properties. With Drupal, the financial-services leader easily migrated content to the new sites. The CMS would also enable the company to make future updates quickly and easily as customer needs evolve.


Using an Agile framework, Wipro built and launched the websites in five sprints during a 10-week period. Each step in the process engaged multiple stakeholders, ensuring the resulting websites met a range of business and market demands.



After launching the new websites, the financial-services leader saw a 50% increase in visits and unique page views, and a 75% increase in sessions. Built with scalability in mind, the solution can handle millions of users and supports multi-site configurations, all while ensuring best-in-class security through the Acquia cloud platform. Migrating to the open-source Drupal CMS and Acquia also accelerated the company’s time to market and reduced its licensing and infrastructure costs by 60%. These successes have compelled the company to begin considering enhancements such as enterprise integrations and chatbot implementation.

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