As a healthcare leader for more than 120 years, the world’s largest biotech company understood the cultural and regulatory nuances of operating across the globe. The company wanted to expand awareness of its differentiated medicines in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases and more, but knew its online presence needed to be tailored for each market. Launching a new website in 84 countries with 27 different languages would therefore require unique authors for each location. It would also require implementing systems to ensure regulatory compliance, brand compliance, and long-term website scalability to accommodate the leader’s future growth in key regions.



The biotech leader engaged Wipro to develop a solution after conducting multiple workshops to align its requirements with its strategic roadmap and determine key deliverables. Following a discovery session and creation of a product catalogue, those deliverables were prioritized into Core, Core+, and Advanced.


Wipro leveraged a lightweight and scalable platform to develop a web template that included the requisite features and functionality. This template facilitated a multinational site rollout, with each iteration customized to the geography, language, regulations, and audiences of the respective country. Such location-specific customization was critical, as target customer segments and priorities differed globally for each of the client’s healthcare offerings.


The open-source Drupal CMS on ACQUIA Cloud Site Factory also included a robust site-search feature for each website to promote better usability and an enhanced user experience. In addition, the sites integrated with a feature-rich commerce system.



Using its new content-management platform, the global healthcare leader deployed its websites across 84 countries and 27 languages in a matter of days. The solution enabled the use of standardized assets for brand consistency and supported content-sharing across geographies. With 50,000+ CMS users and 248,000 site visitors per day, it also ensured the appropriate cultural and regulatory customizations were in place for each site. Amid this launch-day functionality, the scalable platform promised scalability and self-service elements, empowering the biotech leader to make future enhancements.

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