Client background

Leading regional carrier which owns and operates the fifth-largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States, serving 5 million customers in 426 markets in 23 U.S. states sought to elevate the customer experience and accelerate digital transactions.


Business challenges

  • Modernize the customer experience in the client’s 700 brick-and-mortar stores by tackling problems associated with onboarding new customers, including a lack of integrated signature experience and inefficiently designed self-service portals and forms.
  • Enable a digital way of working by utilizing kiosks, tablets, and e-signatures in-store to attract new customers – with an eye on millennials – and streamline the buying experience.
  • Improve ease of access to contracts which are scanned and stored in disparate systems lacking centralized governance and access control. As a result, in-store reps take a long time to search and retrieve these contracts, leading to poor customer experience.
  • Mitigate poor customer experiences, legal and government queries, and potential fines by centralizing contract governance and access control.


Wipro’s solution

  • Implemented a seamless and consistent solution across channels and contract types using cloud-based solutions Adobe Sign and Oracle Content Cloud.
  • Enabled client to capture signatures electronically on contract documents and store the documents digitally.
  • Closed a large gap in compliance associated with contract retrieval by allowing real-time access to signed and related documents.
  • Tightly coupled integrations across various on-premise and cloud systems.
  • Custom built a watermarking solution for duplicating documents for legal purposes and custom built a bulk-document upload to mitigate any failure handling.
  • Automated cataloguing, optical character recognition, and metadata tagging, while delivering insights using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Deployed automated notification for contract renewal and confidential clauses.



  • Compelling onboarding and store experience with paperless and efficient onboarding using any device in the store.
  • An organized digital contract hub with all contracts stored in one location, making it easy to search and securely collaborate internally and externally.
  • Accelerated contract closing by reducing the time it takes from contract creation to approval by automating workflows and enabling e-signature.
  • In full compliance while reducing risk of breaches: Securely share contracts and automatically implement audit logs, retention, and disposition schedules.
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