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Business challenges

  • Redesign the current order-to-cash and other intersecting processes including hire-to-retire, record-to-report and source-to-pay. These outdated processes did not support existing and new business models. 
  • Deploy a single repository of information for greater transparency among employees.
  • Radically transform the organization and its pillars to create a sustainable, agile, and differentiating process.


Wipro’s solution

  • Designed and developed omni-channel self-service portal providing real-time notifications to all project team members and client on any project with the ability to:
    • Suggest the best candidates for a project, based on various parameters including availability, skills, and other attributes through an artificial intelligence (AI) integration.
    • Enable price calculation of any deal automatically by considering multiple billing parameters such as time, team, milestones, and outcomes.
    • Update employee profiles by integrating the portal with LinkedIn and personalized dashboards.
    • Automate reporting and billing.
    • Support an advisory plugin to ensure legal and finance compliance while simultaneously collating proposal contents.



  • Enhanced user experience by providing a single collaborative platform to all key organizational stakeholders for accessing information.
  • Real-time tracking of a project’s progress.
  • Foster collaboration and transparency among stakeholders.
  • Intuitive project codes, description, and tags for employees to easily identify a project.
  • Seamless flow of detailed project information from proposal to project dashboard.
  • “Smart” suggested edits to proposal content based on historical data.
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