The rapid adoption of cloud-first strategies has led experts to predict a $331 billion market for cloud services by 2022. Companies’ reliance on the cloud, along with a dramatic increase in data volume, has caused storage demands to skyrocket. One of the world’s leading technology enterprises invested in a storage-as-a-service (STaaS) model to meet this need and expand its portfolio. Customers rapidly embraced the solution, requesting storage at a pace that required reallocating resources to meet demand. The technology leader recognized that a new management platform could improve its efficiency at scale while delivering an enhanced customer experience.



Wipro worked with the technology leader to fully understand customers’ storage-provision and management needs. The volume of customer requests was challenging to manage using the existing command-line interface, requiring technical staff’s assistance to complete customer queries rather than more-complex tasks.


Wipro designed and developed a web application with a modern user interface to enable non-technical staff to efficiently address customer queries with drag-and-drop ease. Based on the latest technology stack, the app also provided graphical dashboards and real-time updates, with UI elements that could be adapted to meet specific user needs. In addition, the platform’s design enabled the company to efficiently manage and allocate space over time as customers’ storage needs evolve.



The technology leader expects the new platform to improve its productivity and reduce its response times to client inquiries. In addition, because the app is hosted directly on the server, employees can access it using an intuitive browser experience rather than a cumbersome command-line interface, delivering an improved platform-management experience.

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