An American financial-services company leveraged offices and digital channels to offer checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and loans to more than 2 million customers. As individuals and businesses across the country looked for robust services like those the financial leader provides, the U.S. company looked for ways to bolster its dealer network, increase dealers’ efficiency, and improve the user experience for current and prospective customers. An integrated portal could achieve these goals, and ultimately accelerate the company’s time to market, if it eliminated manual application processes and introduced functionality so dealers and end customers could track their application status in real time.



The financial-services leader worked with Wipro to reimagine how dealers and customers engaged with the bank and to accelerate the customer-onboarding process. Wipro created a robust digital portal by leveraging the Liferay Digital Experience Platform. With its intuitive and responsive UI, the platform provided a centralized dashboard enabling dealers to track and manage their customers’ applications in real time, with push notifications automatically alerting dealers with status updates.


Using this integrated platform, dealers and end users had better access to the financial leader’s products, loans, and promotions, increasing the efficiency with which the leader could communicate its offerings to the market. In addition, enhanced existing self-service functionality improved customers’ access to personal information, application processing, documentation, and contract servicing.



The new digital platform reduced the application processing time by 80-90%, thus improving the financial leader’s time-to-market for products and services. Its responsive design and engaging interface also boosted user engagement and customer satisfaction. In addition, the unified portal allowed dealers and customers to check their application status in real-time, helping the company onboard more dealers and customers and realize a 60-70% increase in revenue. Leveraging this modernized system, the financial leader outshone upstart competitors and enhanced its agility, ultimately resulting in increased profitability.

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