Overseas investment in the United States has expanded significantly since 2014, presenting a notable opportunity for banks prepared and agile enough to meet the needs of foreign investors. A leading commercial bank that offers financial services to construction, real-estate and international-trade projects in the United States and China wanted to establish a digital offering focused on Chinese customers in the U.S. This new, digital-only service could help increase the bank’s deposit levels, boost its relevance among current and next-generation customers, and expand its service offerings to a valuable client base.


Although the bank had 100 retail locations worldwide, this new venture was extremely agile in iteration and demanding in development due to its status as a fintech startup. The bank therefore needed a partner that was equipped to provide rapid deployment, offered a fast ramp-up of skilled resources, and had experience integrating different vendors to deliver a cohesive solution. Seeking to beat competitors, the commercial bank hoped to quickly deploy a new bilingual mobile app that met Chinese customers’ needs



Wipro worked with the commercial bank to understand the products and services most requested by Chinese prospects. Wipro then designed and developed a mobile app that allowed users to open U.S. checking accounts securely and within minutes from anywhere the world using only their mobile phone.


Using the bilingual mobile app, users could handle all of their banking needs in both English and Chinese. Security was critical, as evidenced by the need for fingerprint/TouchID functionality, as was an intuitive dashboard that helped customers view their transaction history, manage transfers, schedule and pay bills, view statements, and leverage an online concierge. The app also enabled users to request a debit card from their home countries, which they could then use to make payments anywhere.



The bilingual commercial banking app was designed with flexible code and architecture. This enabled the bank to quickly go to market while positioning it to easily add functionality in the future. The app’s intuitive dashboards boosted user engagement and satisfaction, and an influx of app-related customers generated a new revenue stream for the bank from Chinese customers. By enabling automation and self-service for the end customer, the solution was able to reduce operating costs despite increasing customer demand.

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