Originally published on Designit


In a notoriously low involvement market, the Danish telco Call me stands out as brand with a purpose and a long history of doing good. Known for their Tal Ordentligt (‘speak politely’) campaign, their aim has always been to change the way we communicate and to give everyone the opportunity and the courage to make a difference.


Eager to take their strong brand values to the next level, Call me partnered with Designit to create a new brand platform that could emphasise their culture of doing good and working with important charities and social causes – in essence, to design a new Call me brand that ultimately would inspire everyone to join the cause.


A thorough analysis of competitors, qualitative interviews with customers and consultants, and a series of workshops resulted in a deep understanding of Call me’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their points of differentiation.


From campaign to platform

Designit developed a new brand essence Et hjerte til forskel (‘a heart that makes a difference’) and activated it through a dynamic and flexible visual identity. The iconic heart scales from corporate to compelling, using film, colour, and photography to invite users to share their stories and fully engage with the brand and its mission on any platform.From a campaign-driven to purpose-driven brand identity, Call me has successfully repositioned themselves as a telco that helps its customers make a difference – and feel good about doing it.



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