A forward-thinking Irish bank had long enabled customers to use mobile apps for internet banking and limited mobile features in the Ireland and Northern Ireland regions. Mindful of evolving market needs and Ireland’s propensity for mobile phones, the bank wanted to update and modernize its mobile app. The current app lacked features such as the ability to open a savings account and apply for a personal loan, which the bank identified as an area of improvement. Hoping to boost customer satisfaction, increase its customer base, and improve revenue, the bank sought to deploy a high-quality app that included value-added services and enabled a faster time to market.



Wipro, a longtime strategic partner, upgraded the existing B2C app for both regions on iOS and Android. Design and development teams revamped the user to boost engagement, and new features allowed customers to conduct transactions, view account details, make payments, apply for new products, open a savings account, and manage .


Business Impact


The reimagined app directly led to an increase in users from 500,000 to 1.2 million during a three-year period – similar to the number of users accessing internet and mobile banking. With customers now flocking toward digital banking, the bank was able to close 50 branches with reduced footfall, creating a significant savings for the company. Built for scalability and to be future-proof, the solution allowed the bank to reduce by 50% the time to launch new features and functionalities. Some features, like a more secure five-digit PAC and green personal loans, also became mobile first. The bank’s vision, and app, were rewarded with the Spider Award in the “Best in Mobile Commerce & Transactions” category for “Open payments journey.”

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