Like all content-driven industries, providers of satellite communication services have been disrupted by the dramatic rise of streaming-media platforms. While streaming startups invested in building their brands, a leading U.S. satellite-communications provider saw an opportunity to cement customers’ loyalty by enhancing their experience and deepening their engagement. A redesigned mobile app was a critical step, with the existing landscape peppered by low-rated apps and sub-optimal experiences that threatened to drive consumers to upstart competitors.



Wipro worked with the satellite-communications provider to identify core and ancillary experiences that could boost customers’ autonomy – and satisfaction – throughout their lifetime. This journey mapping, combined with feedback from current mobile-app users, enabled Wipro to design and launch an enhanced app with many features to promote user engagement.


New account-management functionality included the ability to schedule payments, receive push notifications about technician appointments, and view and manage subscriptions. Incorporating Google Assistant further boosted user engagement, as customers could take action easily using a familiar interface.


The updated app also introduced a feedback mechanism that invited customers’ comments about their experience. Users’ comments went through an in-house feedback engine supported by analytics and an interactive dashboard that enabled the provider to easily gather insights and incorporate them into future app enhancements.



Customers responded favorably to the relaunched app. More than 75,000 users voiced their satisfaction by leaving scores that improved the app’s average rating by 70% on the App Store and 25% on the Play Store, making it one of the industry’s highest-rated self-service apps. Customers also significantly increased their engagement with the satellite-communications provider, with 6,300 users leaving comments directly via the app. These results, coupled with positive word of mouth, favorably positioned the company to retain or gain market share amid an influx of streaming competitors.

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