A multinational technology and business consulting leader relied upon a learning management system to upskill employees on the latest tools and technologies. Comprised of online and instructed learning, this system prepared employees to practice their skills before applying them to billable work. As it expanded into new markets and geographies, the company wanted to improve collaboration among its global workforce and improve visibility into the expanded skillsets available for client projects



Wipro developed a new social learning platform that enabled employees to learn new skills while engaging with colleagues around the world to resolve skill-related queries. This web-based resource empowered users to choose any training that matched their interests and career path, grouping them with their global peers who were learning the same skill. To accelerate their learning, the platform also matched employees with reviewers and mentors who could chart their progress through the approval workflow. This tracking mechanism boosted the technology company’s staff-management capabilities and increased its visibility into which employees were ready to contribute to client projects and increase their billability.



The new learning platform upskilled employees across the company, engaging more than 1,000 visitors per day who wanted to learn new skills and collaborate with like-minded colleagues. The technology and business consulting leader also realized an increase in revenue, as the new system empowered the company to more-quickly deploy qualified staff onto client projects.

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