The client, a leading telecom service provider in Asia, had a sprawling integration infrastructure. A lack of centralized monitoring and too much manual integration logging were leading to decreased productivity and wasted efforts. Client operation costs were also escalating due to unplanned downtime in locating failures, identifying cause of error, and restoring services. The objective was to implement an organization-wide integration monitoring solution to provide visibility into systems without disrupting day to day business.




Wipro implemented an in-house developed solution DIaaS (Digital Integration as a Service) to provide single-pane management of integrations for centralized monitoring across the organization. The solution used agents and product APIs to get details of the integration middleware and includes a dashboard to provided process and performance details. DIaaS integration monitoring processes covered identifying different types of latency in integrations, resource-intensive integrations, duplicate, zombie, and hanged processes for tracking utilization and locating cause of errors and failures leading to better management and decision .




With help of DIaaS, a real-time dashboard was deployed that provided visibility into processes and integration infrastructure, enabling faster, more proactive decision making. DIaaS single-pane management provided visual representation of all integrations across the client’s IT landscape, creating a centralized view of integration processes and performance. Faster location and resolution of failures improved operational productivity led to a 30% reduction in manual efforts in monitoring KPIs and logs. Identification of various latencies led to improved transaction success rates, resulting in automated alert messages with an integration into ITMS, reducing error analysis time by 40% (3hrs/day). The Scheduler automated process enabled the customer to reduce incidents and resolution time for common faults by 35%.

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