With $41 billion in annual revenue, one of the largest professional-services firms had become focused on preparing senior leaders to one day become partners. These leaders needed improved access to resources to conduct business, as the firm’s existing system relied on legacy infrastructure. The firm also wanted a tool to engage partner candidates and empower mentors to provide the proper guidance. Modernizing the training system would help the firm enhance its leaders’ experience, improve its ability to keep pace with a fast-changing industry, and better position it for growth at scale.


The firm identified which learning catalogues, videos and other assets partners would need to improve their training and results. Using the existing system, users had no intuitive way to track their progress or take actions, and mentors had no way to offer guidance. The new system therefore needed to present this information intuitively so leaders could easily find training modules and so mentors could offer guidance and monitor progress.


Wipro designed and developed a partner-engagement app that delivered all training materials through a single platform and a unified learning database. Using single-sign-on authentication, users could access information through a consistent interface across office and mobile devices. The app also offered multiple dashboards and enabled mentors to create actionable events, learning plans and agendas for the organization’s future partners. The solution also allowed mentors to evaluate the participants on specific areas through customized and real-life assessments.


The new training system improved the future partners’ engagement by 43%. By delivering data-driven insights in real time across multiple devices, the app helped leaders learn the latest best practices for large-scale auditing, risk-mitigation, tax and advisory services. It also increased collaboration and transparency between the leaders and organizational mentors.

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