One of the largest banks in the United States has established a strong marketing capability to drive corporate marketing programming and serve the expanding needs of its lines of business across the globe.


The advancement of marketing technology and elevated consumer/client expectations means new challenges for the bank as it navigates the next phase of its marketing capability. Front line marketing and sales personnel expect high quality content and tools that allow them to scale, while consumers and clients expect messaging that meets them where they are in the buying process and in the right channels. The bank’s major marketing resource management goals are:

  • Compliance
  • Workflow automation
  • Campaign/Content Visibility
  • Process alignment
  • Performance reporting


Business / Domain Problem:

The bank needed an automated dynamic process to improve content submission and storage (limiting content duplication) and untimely reviews required assistance for customer service purposes. They also sought to improve visibility in corporate projects and jobs led, improving project status clarity, cutting down delays in project completion. Back-door loopholes in process created a risk of not meeting compliance requirements. Capacity challenges, lack of resource capacity planning, a cumbersome and informal intake process, informal KPIs, and a lack of a central repository of operational information to report against were other issues the bankhoped to improve.


Our strategic approach:

We implemented Aprimo – Wipro Digital Productivity Management across bank’s corporate marketing departments. It helped streamline resource management associated with activities like marketing planning and productivity, campaign management, task management, automated workflows, the review/approval process, and digital asset management.


The solution ensures all key aspects of a project are accounted for, allowing marketers to focus more on marketing related tasks, and less on manually managing projects. Aprimo – Wipro Digital Productivity Management is used as corporate marketing’s system of record for all marketing collateral, which helps ensure proper adherence to regulatory and compliance standards related to Fair and Responsible Banking. It simplifies the process of content and collateral development, ensures consistency in processes, and increases speed to market with its robust automated processes.


Technical/Architect-level solution:

Implemented the below business object hierarchy:


Business benefits delivered:

The solution increased visibility and created a single source of truth, maintaining 100% content accuracy and increased efficiency in eliminating manual project tracking and communication. Building and generating custom reports, agile boards, calendars, a dashboard, and chat boards, the solution helped prioritize complex tasks. The standardized, streamlined workflow processes helped reduce time to market by 56%, and completed and distributed projects increased by 20%. In addition, two additional business units were onboarded within 18 months, filling gaps and improving processes across the organization and expanding support across teams for creative solutions and risk mitigation efforts. Finally, marketing QA audits gained and maintained 100% compliance.

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