Digital technologies have dramatically changed how the world banks, with on-demand services and personalized features now expected by customers and internal teams alike. America’s fifth-largest bank wanted to meet the needs of both groups by modernizing their respective experience and offering an integrated portal with next-generation functionality and on-brand elements. Three key objectives guided this initiative: improve satisfaction, increase engagement, and boost the efficiency of internal and customer-facing processes.



Working with the US financial leader, Wipro discovered two independent legacy systems were being used to manage programs for the bank’s customer service representatives (CSRs) and cardholders. Wipro developed an integrated digital portal leveraging Liferay Digital Experience Platform to enable CSRs and cardholders to access critical information on the same platform using multiple channels and devices.


With this unified portal, CSRs had easy access to cardholder and card-payment information and could easily enable or disable card features. The single sign-on solution also allowed business users to publish or update web content based on market dynamics and user demands.


As part of its revamped user interface, the new portal was consistent across channels and featured a variety of elements personalized for each customer. By presenting personalized content and visual elements, clients were more willing and empowered to complete a variety of self-service functions.



The portal’s responsive design proved much more convenient for users, with 60% of all traffic now coming from tablets and mobile devices. The modernized experience also empowered users to make seamless card payments, manage their transaction history, and add new cards, delivering a 55% increase in user engagement. In addition, CSR productivity increased by 68% due to the migration of legacy applications into the new Liferay portal.

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