A leading U.S. automaker sprang into action when faulty airbags threatened to harm drivers and passengers in approximately 10 million vehicles. The automotive leader wanted to quickly recall every airbag, but its existing process would recall only 70% of the vehicles. To investigate, trace, and account for the remaining 3 million vehicles, the automaker decided to leverage data from multiple providers. This approach required a system that could efficiently analyze the data and move vehicles quickly through the recall and repair process while meeting National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulations.



Wipro worked with the automotive leader to audit its existing processes. After identifying transformation opportunities, Wipro deployed the industry’s first automated vehicle-investigation adjudication solution.


This rules-based tool used the Pega platform’s predictive and adaptive models to consolidate data feeds from 40 internal and external sources. The tool then enriched the system with external data and enabled automated determinations where possible. Once validated, all outcome reports were made consistent across external and internal systems, easing the automaker’s tracking processes while ensuring regulatory compliance.



This reimagined recall-investigation system enabled the automaker to handle multiple recalls and large volumes with minimum manual intervention. By using its new rule-based system, the automaker also improved its consistency and transparency with clear audit trails, helping it to both comply with NHTSA regulations and ensure customer safety.

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