One of the world’s largest brand-name apparel companies sought to accelerate growth by bolstering its online SAP commerce presence. Its existing platform served only two countries under a direct B2B online  SAP commerce model, posing scalability challenges for data handling, inventory management, fulfilment, and order volume capacity. Indeed, inventory discrepancies and fulfilment limitations had begun causing customers to cancel orders. The apparel and retail leader knew it needed a platform that would address its technical hurdles and improve warehouse and online inventory visibility while delivering a superior customer experience.




After evaluating the apparel leader’s situation, Wipro recommended and implemented the high-performance order management system, which integrated into the retailer’s global SAP commerce platform. The solution provided real-time visibility for store and warehouse inventories, translating this information into stock availability on the customer-facing site.

It also transformed channel agility, empowering the retailer to quickly create digital , catalogues, experiences, and brand media that aligned with its seasonal calendar and delivered an improved customer experience.




Integrating an enterprise order management system with the SAP commerce platform provided a single source of truth for inventory across the apparel leader’s sales network, significantly improving its results. Real-time application monitoring resulted in lower wait times, while realtime inventory visibility reduced the number of missed orders by 75% and eliminated short sells, oversells, and cancellations due to split shipments. Using the “ship from store” approach, orders were filled more quickly and cost effectively, with 90% of online orders processed within 24 hours of order receipt. And, with the scalability offered by its new platform, the apparel retailer was able to rollout its new business model to 14 new countries in 12 languages and using 10 different currencies on a single system.

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