The client, a European multinational telecommunication company, sought to improve the customer experience by developing a robust digital architecture with an enterprise-wide API management strategy to integrate various applications and services. However, a lack of API standardization made this strategy difficult to maintain this consistently across business units, leading to inflated implementation costs. In addition, an absence of a customer portal to enhance service discovery to aid developers, an inability to commercialize APIs to partners, and lack of API security standards also led poor customer engagement and exposure to inconsistent services decreased customer loyalty.




Wipro created an integration solution using TM Forum standards—globally accepted best practices and frameworks—for API standardization and centralized governance across business units. Implementing an APIGEE API management solution for API management and establishing a developer portal for centralized API catalog, self-service API publishing, API discovery, and developer’s onboarding, Wipro created a new customer portal that gave easy access to value added services to drive customer experience. The developers can now easily discover APIs, build new standard and competent services on them, and expose it to customers to boost loyalty and revenue.




The solution added around 450 APIs to power the client’s value-added and customer management services across 4 operating countries, creating the standardized APIs they needed to implement their strategy effectively. These improvements in their services added over $1 million in monthly revenue post-implementation. API re-use and adoption of DevOps and shared service model added a 50% cost-benefit in API development and support.

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