A leading financial-service provider sought to accelerate its performance in several key areas. With $3.5 trillion in client assets, the firm planned to use advanced technology to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving investment market. Unfortunately, its outdated infrastructure did not efficiently integrate with internal or external applications, and manual processes kept the firm from responding adequately to the changing financial landscape. Deploying new technologies would require an entirely new platform, migrating to the cloud, and an ongoing technical resource that could free the firm to focus on growing its business rather than managing its systems.


Aggressive competition motivated the firm to find a partner who could lead the project from design to implementation and provide ongoing technical expertise. The financial-services leader engaged Wipro Digital to design a scalable infrastructure that could handle multiple app integrations, boost its agility, and enable the firm to offer new microservices in response to market demands. Such an innovative system required automation and speed that the firm’s mainframe environment could not support. The entire IT ecosystem needed a refresh.


Wipro Digital met the client’s need for speed using a “No-Shore” model that provides 24/7 work by distributed teams. This development approach maximized the project’s velocity while delivering continuity across builds, eventually earning the client’s trust for complete scrum-team management.


With the new infrastructure in place, Wipro migrated the firm’s investment data from its legacy system to the cloud. As a Global SI Advanced Partner of VMware, we implemented VMware Tanzu Application Service and achieved this migration with zero downtime for either the investment firm or its 12 million brokerage clients. VMware also offered ongoing managed services, meeting the financial-services company’s objective to focus on developing new products and services rather than managing its infrastructure.


This new cloud-native platform has enabled the financial-services provider to dramatically accelerate its speed to market. After launching two new microservices within the first six months, the firm now delivers apps every three to four months and, after three years, has deployed more than 50 new applications.

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