In the competitive retail industry, a key success factor for brick-and-mortar stores is ensuring that knowledgeable associates are available to provide excellent customer service. High turnover is an ongoing challenge, and the pandemic has proven how crucial frontline workers are. Valuable one-on-one personal interactions with customers drive brand loyalty, and making sure that stores aren’t understaffed is crucial to keeping these experiences happening. The shift management process for a team of employees requires a lot of effort from associates and supervisors, and due to varying shifts and possible relocations, managing store associates can be challenging.

Tame shift-planning challenges and increase associates’ and supervisors’ productivity of with ShiftSwap.



Store associates cover a diverse set of responsibilities, including managing point-of-sale (POS) tills, monitoring and replenishing stock, organizing goods receipts, and displaying in-store promotions. Department supervisors often can’t access real-time associate data on availability, shifts, and skillsets, relying on spreadsheets and manual processes to communicate ad-hoc changes in shifts and tasks. Manual communications such as emails and phone calls cause delays in changing shift plans, leading to inefficient operations. ShiftMX enables retail teams to overcome these challenges and implement an innovative platform for managing team schedules.


Key Benefits


  • Higher associate and manager productivity: Spend less time on associate coordination.
  • Improved utilization of shifts and associates: Ensure required personnel are available on the shop floor through skill/role-based shift allocation capabilities.
  • Accurate, up-to-date data: Access real-time information when needed through a web portal or mobile app.
  • Flexibility

Easily add features, such as a remuneration calculator, based on completed shifts, holiday/leave/on-duty requests, and approvals.


Key Features


  • Enhanced shift scheduling: Create new shifts and publish them on an online portal. 
  • Self-service shift assignments: Allow employees to access and update shift information. 
  • Skillset-based shift swapping: Develop greater agility for teams to better handle unplanned events, such as illnesses.

Real-time notifications: Improve communication among associates and supervisors.


Modernizing Retail Staff Management

  • Rapid development: Speed up the addition of new features or app development with prebuilt building blocks and accelerators.
  • Effective maintainability: Enable effective change management through an integrated CI/CD pipeline.
  • Future-ready scalability

Prepare for increasing data needs with the Mendix platform’s scalable stateless architecture, quality performance, and high availability.