Using data in the right way can reward companies by increasing user engagement 55% and boosting revenue by 5-15%. If a company is truly data-driven, it can achieve these benefits while reducing acquisition costs and improving the efficiency of its marketing spend. But with so many existing data challenges and the upcoming changes to Google Chrome’s cookie policy, is it possible to be data-driven and provide a ? Yes, it is. And there are two possible solutions on the Adobe Experience Platform (AEP).


Marketing Data Challenges


A unified experience raises the level of all interactions between a customer and a company. For example, after visiting a website and viewing a t-shirt, a user returns and looks at jogging shoes. A unified experience could immediately suggest other relevant products related to sports or running – regardless of the delivery medium or device – providing a more-personalized journey for the user.


This type of experience drives more engagement and conversions; 80% of customers are more likely to buy from brands that offer personalized experiences. But marketing teams face a variety of blockers that prevent creating personalized interactions: siloed data sources, disintegrated data, inconsistent user experiences, lack of data governance, and data-privacy and consent issues. Furthermore, many companies’ business units manage different data sets, introducing even more silos. These complexities make it challenging at best to deliver a unified user experience that drives engagement and conversions.


In addition, a lack of structured workflows and disconnected data make it problematic to comply with data governance around personally identifiable information (PII) and user consent. Complicating matters is a change in user privacy; Google will no longer support any third-party cookies from late 2023. That milestone will be here before companies realize it. Now is the time to begin addressing the reality of a cookie-less world for marketers.



Two Solutions to Use Data the Right Way


Even with all of these evolving data challenges, companies can still increase traffic and conversions while reducing acquisition costs if they use their data the right way. Wipro recommends two solutions: Adobe’s Real-time Customer Data Platform (RTCDP) and Adobe’s Customer Journey Analysis (CJA). When used together, these tools help businesses make the best use of their data to provide a unified customer experience.


  1. Real-time Customer Data Platform


Companies need to integrate all data, including behavioral, with customer profile data to deliver an integrated customer experience across devices and channels. Adobe’s RTCDP makes this possible in three ways.


Data Collection: Data comes in two categories. Known customer data is CRM, email, authenticated profile, customer ID and/or partner ID. Anonymous data is behavioral analytics, device ID, and advertising data (cookies). These data can be combined and integrated using APIs and batch data injection.


Profile Management: Grouping information from every data source can create a real-time customer profile. By leveraging AI/ML engines, it is possible to intelligently combine identity services, segmentations, experience data models, and data governance in one place. This single source of truth is the key to providing customers with a unified experience.


Activation: Once there is one source of truth for all data, a unified profile for users and groups can be created. The a step is segmenting data that quickly applied to users and groups with similar online habits and activities. The segmented data includes details that led to higher conversions, and information about the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, etc.) with the best performance. The activation portal has more than 70 of these pre-defined platforms or destinations that can be deployed in one click.


  1. Customer Journey Analysis

Designing unique customer experiences can influence the customer to convert and become loyal to the brand. The goal of Adobe’s Customer Journey Analysis (CJA) is to unify the customer’s journey across all digital platforms to provide a great customer experience that promotes conversions. But orchestrating the journey can be challenging. For example, there are complex issues that need to be addressed when evaluating all user journeys:

  • Increased laws and policies around privacy (GDPR/CCPA/HIPAA)
  • Evolving technology – new devices, gadgets, and new ecosystem
  • An attempt to centralize data from various sources, types, and channels


Without careful consideration of these issues, organizations can introduce increased risk by making assumptions without all of the data and analytics in place, thus causing business units to operate without an aligned, connected strategy that supports common goals.


AEP allows companies to conduct a customer-journey analysis of cross-channel interactions that enables business units to visualize all journeys in full context and make real-time, omnichannel insights available to everyone. And, with CJA, companies can control and make use of AI/ML.


CJA is valuable to four business units – customer experience, database administration, analysis and insights, and optimization. Because CJA makes data available to everyone, it is possible to properly analyze and craft customer journeys that increase ROI, site traffic, and order value.


Many companies have been struggling with data challenges, but it is about to get even more complex. Becoming truly data-driven is no longer a stretch goal; it is required to be competitive. It is possible to deliver unified customer experiences, personalized journeys, and make data-driven decisions by using the Adobe Experience Platform. As an Adobe Platinum Partner, Wipro helps companies integrate data and build solutions that enable data-driven decisions. Now is the time to think about adopting AEP as a solution to make the best use of data and deliver real-time personalization to increase customer acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty. Are you ready to take the next big step toward transformation?

Kishore PVSK

Kishore PVSK

Practice Head Analytics & Personalization, Wipro Limited


Kishore has 17+ years of experience in analytics, personalization, customer data platforms, and other digital products and services. As a strategic business partner, he has been adding value to clients with best in class solutions for a variety of digital challenges.

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