The eighth episode in Designit’s YELLO podcast series has been released. This time, Emma Gains, Sustainable Development Lead at Arup, and Melissa Ciardullo, Project Leader for Circular Product Development at IKEA, join Guro Røberg from Designit to share their perspective on Circular Economy.


In this 30min+ conversation, expect to hear about: 

  • The role circular economy and circular design can play in shaping your business in the future,
  • Principles that can help you steer a safe course on what can be a seemingly tricky journey,
  • And what could happen if businesses don’t adopt this shift soon.


People have been taking, making and disposing of the stuff they need in an alarmingly linear way for too long. And, let’s face it, waste often ends as landfill. A different, increasingly important approach is that of a Circular Economy, which follows a non-linear flow. Designing products that can be “made to be made again”, for example. This mindset shift affecting everyone from single consumers, companies and governments, to connected communities, stretching worldwide is something Emma and Melissa put at the center of their work.


The podcast is available on both Apple and Spotify (or wherever you listen to your podcasts).


Previous episodes have addressed topics such as Diversity, Data ethics, and Sustainability.


The full YELLO podcast library is available here and you’re invited to email the YELLO team to suggest ideas about the design topics and experts you’d like them to feature with next.


Happy listening!




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