For the seventh consecutive year, Gartner has named Wipro a ‘Leader’ in Quality Engineering & Testing. We are incredibly proud of this unprecedented achievement. Quality is a way of life for Wipro: quality of work, of processes, of the employee/client relationship, and of our clients’ IT estates. This dedication has driven us to constantly evolve to meet industry trends and our clients’ transformational needs. Our investments in five specific pillars have helped us solidify Wipro’s reputation as a trusted, strategic Quality Engineering partner for global enterprises worldwide.


A sound foundation and rich heritage

Being ahead of the curve isn’t new to Wipro. Established in 1997, our Quality Engineering & Testing unit was one of the IT industry’s first practices dedicated to independent software testing and seeking the best testing solutions. The roots of the practice lay in our Telecom business unit’s interoperability expertise, where true quality engineering was practiced even then. Today, our Quality Engineering & Testing practice is one of Wipro’s largest, most successful units, and we incubate Testing Centers of Excellence (CoE) for Fortune 500 companies across the globe.


Talent nurturing for citizen engineering

Engineering has become the center of the universe, and new-age skill sets are no doubt important. However, having an effective and innovative thought process is equally important. Users must maintain productivity no matter what challenges emerge. Wipro’s Digital Academy trains engineers on a huge variety of specializations, creating design thinkers in addition to excellent executors. Sandboxes are pre-configured with new-age tools and real-life client problems, preparing graduates to immediately help clients overcome a variety of challenges.


Boundaryless delivery, worldwide

Our presence across 150+ locations across the globe allows clients to tap into Wipro’s wealth of quality-engineering expertise to ensure reliability through quality. Our Digital Pods and cloud studios collaboratively push the boundaries of technology and business, with nimble platforms that enable delivery transition, transformation, and continuity in a 100%-remote world. Wipro’s strong focus on as-a-service, combined with crowd platforms, ensures that any client project has access to the best possible candidate (talent and services) and is delivered in the fastest possible manner, regardless of location.


The Tireless Pursuit of Innovation

We incubate and nurture Thought Leadership at every level, bringing new thoughts and ways of working that continuously challenge the status quo. A specific focus on Quality Engineering innovation aligns to key strategic industry themes such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT & Product Engineering, SaaS & Clouds, and Cybersecurity. We also establish joint innovation funds and pods with clients to co-develop IP and assets that have a laser-like focus on business. This innovative culture has enabled Wipro to have 40+ patents granted for Quality Engineering alone.


Intelligent Quality Ecosystem

An intelligent quality ecosystem powered by AI/ML-driven automation ensures enterprises can scale Quality Engineering transformation aligned to DevSecOps and cloud modernization. At the heart is intelliAssure, an intelligent quality platform powered by Wipro HOLMES, with virtual personas that enable unattended, but not ungoverned, testing. These further integrate with strategic alliance partners and Wipro Ventures portfolio organizations. Available on-premise and on the cloud, our intelligent quality ecosystem addresses every Quality Engineering aspect across functional, non-functional, and code quality. Driving the ecosystem is a 40:30:20:10 continuous improvement framework: 40% of efforts are eliminated using AI/ML, 30% of efforts are automated using intelligent automation, 20% of efforts are addressed using crowd and as-a-service, and the remaining 10% of efforts are addressed through traditional virtual ODC models.


Click here to download the report – Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Testing Services, Worldwide 2020