The seventh episode in Designit’s YELLO podcast series has been released. This time, Richard George, Refinitiv’s Global Head of digital and account-based marketing joins Guro Røberg from Designit’s Oslo studio to share thoughts on the use of data and the meaning it can bring to businesses.



In this half-hour conversation, expect to hear about:

  • How critical data is for decision making and how it can be applied to that process
  • Digital marketing and how it’s changed over the past few years
  • Best practices for successful data-driven companies


Applying data in ways that are meaningful to society is at the center of Richard’s work, and he’s constantly on the look-out for opportunities to create a positive impact in that respect. He has worked with data-led digital services with retailer Marks and Spencer, telecommunications with O2 and Eircom, and financial services with Thomsen Reuters. As you can imagine, he’s well-placed to highlight the importance of financial and business data in running a company and how that can have a positive effect on consumers, businesses, and the planet.


The podcast is available on both Apple and Spotify (or wherever you listen to your podcasts).


Previous episodes have addressed topics such as The business of Sustainability, Leading with Diversity and Inclusion, and the world of speculative design.


The full YELLO podcast library is available here. You’re invited to email Designit to suggest ideas about the topics or experts in your networks creating a positive impact in the world, that you’d like them to feature next.




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