Enterprises have spent years talking about agility. Seemingly overnight, COVID-19 forced businesses to migrate those conversations from the boardroom to an action plan. As the global community navigates this disruption, agility and resilience have become critical not only to survive, but to thrive.


Before the pandemic, scale was often sufficient to gain competitive advantage. Today, a rapid influx of new technologies, evolving customer preferences, changing employee expectations, and a reimagined role of the office have fundamentally challenged the established ways of working across sectors. Moving forward, “fast and adaptive” will overtake “slow and steadfast.”


Consider that ride-hailing services now deliver groceries, or that distilleries now manufacture hand sanitizer. In these and other examples, being agile is essential to meeting the needs of evolving markets – and to capitalizing on emergent opportunities.


We’ve assembled a series of articles, including research from Gartner*, about how to build and improve enterprise agility and resilience. The curated content is available on this section of the Gartner website. Our hope is that these insights help your own company’s efforts to adapt, reinvent, and always deliver value in an ever-changing world.


*Gartner Building Organizational Resilience Is a Strategic Imperative, Roberta Witty, 21st August 2020.

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Rajan Kohli

Rajan Kohli

President, Wipro Digital


Rajan Kohli is President of Wipro Digital, the digital services unit of Wipro Limited. Wipro is a leader in digital transformation strategy and services for domestic, multinational, and Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Kohli previously led the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) vertical at Wipro and served as Wipro's Chief Marketing Officer.

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