Designit has released the fourth episode in its YELLO podcast series. In this latest episode, Los Angeles-based future-thinker Tatiana Toutikian dives into the world of Speculative Design, sometimes called Critical Design. Katja Forbes, Managing Director of Designit Australia, leads a captivating discussion in which the two discuss:


  • How we can anticipate and plan for future products, services, and experiences
  • How this area of design help businesses not only grow but constantly rethink where they’re at
  • The purpose of doing speculative and critical design in the first place


The podcast is available on both Apple and Spotify.


Toutikian works at the intersection of design, business, social science, and technology – helping businesses, the public sector, and nonprofits get a bird’s-eye view of the entire system surrounding their service. Leaning on this background, Toutikian speaks with Designit’s Forbes about the need for following societal and technological trends and weak signals, among other topics.


Previous episodes have addressed topics such as “How Important is Data Privacy?” how to think through the issues the world’s facing today, and the business of sustainability.


The full YELLO podcast library is available here. You’re invited to email Designit to suggest ideas about the design topics and experts you’d like them to feature with next.




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